Adding a FaceBook Counter

Please note that after changes on the Facebook site, this article is no longer relevant. It is, however, possible to track links clicked in Facebook notes. Please see the following articles:

If you have a FaceBook profile, it is possible to add a counter to your notes. Here is one way to do it:

  • Log in to the WunderCounter
  • Choose "Facebook Trackers" from the "Generate HTML" menu
  • Enter a name for your Facebook Tracker (you may choose any combination of letters and numbers)
  • Submit the form and copy the code which is presented on the next page
  • Now, log in to your Facebook account and create a new note. Paste the counter code in the body of your note
  • Preview and Publish your note.
  • Refresh the main page of your WunderCounter account. You should see your new Facebook Tracker listed under the "Pages". If you don't see your new tracker listed, try viewing your note again at Facebook. If you still don't see the tracker listed after this, edit your note again and make sure all of the WunderCounter code is there exactly as it was given to you.
  • If you're still having problems, contact Support.

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