How can I block certain domains/hosts from registering on my counters?

This feature is available for Premium accounts. If you have a Premium account, login to your stats page and choose "account options" from the "options" menu. On this page you'll find a text box for hosts/domains that you'd like to block. You may add as many addresses as you'd like, with each address being on a new line.

These filters work right to left. So,


would block all .com visitors and

would block all aol visitors.

Similarly, you can use the "IP Numbers" box to block out certain IP numbers. These numbers should each be on a new line. You may block entire groups of IP numbers or just individual IPs.

If you would like to block a whole group of IP addresses, try using a partial IP address.

i.e. 64.34.45. will block all IP addresses that begin with these numbers, but will only block that particular IP number.