I am not getting any referring URLs in my stats

There are 3 reasons this might be happening.

1) If you are not seeing any Referring URLs on your Daily and File pages you are most likely using either non-JavaScript code or your site uses frames. If your host allows you to use JavaScript code, go to the code generator and get new code for your pages. If your site uses frames, read the tutorial on frames to overcome this obstacle. Tutorials can be found under the Help menu on your main stats page.

2) If you are seeing Referring URLs on your Daily and File pages but not on your Referring URLs page, this is because none of the referring URLs are from outside of your web site. Your site is likely getting low traffic or none that links from another site. If you want to see some Referring URLs it's time to do some promoting.

3) If you are seeing *some* referring URLs but not others, it could be a browser issue. The WunderCounter can only pass this information on to you if it has been supplied by the browser which has requested a page from your site. In some cases browsers do not provide this information. This may be because there was no referring URL (eg the visitor chose your page from a bookmark or typed it directly into the browser) or because the browser is programmed not to provide this information. In either case, there is, unfortunately nothing you can do to force this information to appear.