Browser History

When browsing your log files, you'll find a reference to Browser History. Browser History is represented by a number and is information that is passed on to the WunderCounter from the visitor's browser. It is a measure of how much web browsing the user has done before coming to your web site. Browser History is newly recorded when a web browser is started up.

If, for instance, you see a Browser History entry of 20, this means that the visitor has visited 19 web sites or web pages before visiting this page. (Some browsers count each site as one entry in the history while others record each page hit as a unique entry in the history). If you notice the browser history incrementing for some users you can safely guess that in this case each page hit is incrementing the browser history count for this particular user.

Basically, this information can be used to tell you how soon a user has come to your site after starting his/her web browser. If you see a very low number (like 1) you can assume that the visitor typed your URL into their browser and came straight to your web site. If the number is greater, you'll have a measure of how long it took before the surfer came to your site.

You'll never be able to know for certain how to interpret this data in every case, but consistently low history numbers should mean that users are coming to your site with purpose. Perhaps they have it bookmarked or they come to your site as part of a daily ritual. If your history numbers are consistenly higher, perhaps it is taking users longer to be able to find your web site or it's not a high priority site for them to visit.